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About Mozzie Byte

Mozzie Byte, Editor - The Daily Explorer

“Hello. I’m Mozzie – Editor of The Daily Explorer. I trained in insect combat at the Arachnid School of Martial Arts in Spain, under the auspicious guidance of Master Juan Byte Toomenny. I graduated with a Black Belt in ‘Swat and Squish’ and I am currently the world record holder, for swatting and squishing 35 mosquitoes in one minute. This record breaking event took place in a restaurant in southern India in 2004. I am thrilled to be on board with The Daily Explorer and very excited about bringing you all of Ray’s pictures and news as it happens”

Our Journalists

To help us compile each issue of The Daily Explorer, I have a team of world class on-line journalists who report on all aspects of Ray’s journey. These include:

Above: Cultural correspondent Po Scard – major attractions, sights and events

Above: Wisdom and Well-being correspondents Connie Fuscious (left) and Bud Wiser (right) – personal growth, health and education

Above: Beach Life correspondent I. Candy – news and pictures from sea shores around the world

Above: Weather correspondent Harry Cane – the latest meteorological information from around the globe

Above: Travel correspondent Mo Ped – useful tips for fellow travellers

Above: Restaurant Critic and Cullinary correspondent Hi Plo Teen – our favourite Asian chef

Above: Health and Fitness correspondent Me So Fit – getting and staying in good shape

Above: Environmental correspondent Eco Xavier – the latest in developments regarding conservation

Above: Accommodation guide Des Rezz – more hot tips for fellow travellers

Above: Shopping correspondent Costa Fortune – our very own consumer champion!

Above: Our book reviewer Paige Turner – finding all of the best-sellers

Above: Entertainment correspondent Mustapha Laff – nightlife and social events, funny stories, jokes and anecdotes

Guest Correspondents

As well as our regular feature writers (above), we will invite guests to join us from time to time as Ray passes through different parts of the world. So far, we have had the pleasure of working with some of the world’s great online journalists, including:

Above: Gran D. Tour in Vietnam (left) and Chuck Maboomerang in Australia (right)

Below: Matt Adore in Spain & Morocco (left) and Nick Elandimer in the USA (right)

Seymour PeaksDolly Lama

Above: Alpine correspondent Seymour Peaks in Nepal (left) and Dolly Lama in Tibet (right) 


When we were preparing the launch of The Daily Explorer, I asked Ray for his thoughts about the team: 

“I am absolutely delighted to have found such a high calibre Editor like Mozzie Byte to produce this journal” said Ray. “Mozzie and his team are great people to work with and are committed to quality. They really want to provide an interesting and informative journal for our readers. No doubt due to his phenomenal reputation, Mozzie has been able to able to assemble the best team of writers and photographers I could wish for” added our global traveller.

We aim to maintain our high standards of journalism and presentation at The Daily Explorer – please send us your feedback so that we can improve future issues. You can use the comments box online, or email me, or any of our correspondents at:


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  1. Something out of the ordinary to stop mozzie bite in the first place!

    Comment by howard carter — May 1, 2008 @ 7:01 pm

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