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Welcome! This publication is for people who are curious about life and the world and are planning to or are already engaged in travelling around our beautiful planet. Although I stopped publishing this blog in June 2012, I invite you to trawl through the archives and make use of the information gathered here by one of the best online teams in blog history. They followed me for a period of six and a half years and I am very grateful to my Editor, Mozzie Byte and his team of global journalists for producing The Daily Explorer on my behalf. You can take a look at any of our Previous Issues which document my travels around the world.


Left: Global explorer Ray Martin (centre) with children from a remote hill tribe village in Muang Ngoi, Laos in May 2006. “Having lived in London for most of my adult life, I left England in November 2005 to travel, gain more experience of the world and find a way of living that held more meaning and deep satisfaction than the life I was experiencing. To set myself free, I sold everything – my house, my possessions and my business. If you would like to know more about the circumstances that led me to make this decision, then take a look at Man of a Thousand Days – How it All Began. I was not sure how long this journey of discovery would last – I thought maybe 6-12 months at first and then I would return to England. How wrong I was!  After several years of living nomadically, I am still enjoying it as much as I did on day one, although I am now based in Asia most of the year and not travelling so much these days”


During this period of experimentation and exploration with life, I wanted to experience as many different parts of the world and cultures as possible and learn from many different people on my journey. In July 2009, inspired by people and places I had visited in Nepal and Thailand, I started my “Calling All Angels” global fundraising campaign. To get it going, I trained for six months so that I could run in the 2009 New York Marathon. Since then, my campaign has raised over $15,000! If you would like to know more about this, please take a couple of minutes to watch my video appeal. If you feel inspired, please make a donation! Your gift will create badly needed funds for some less fortunate people around the world who really could use our support.

The “End of The Road” (June 2012) was the last issue of The Daily Explorer. As the Buddhists teach us, nothing is permanent; everything changes and this publication was no exception. The original purpose for which this was created had run its course for me and I decided to stop writing for a while. I had proved to myself that it was possible to live in anonymity, without possessions or status, without attachment to goals, without a fixed identity or routine and be as happy (or even happier) as I was when I was living more of a “conventional” life in England, pursuing a career and enjoying a busy social lifestyle. I discovered a new path for myself. Travelling helped me to find that path and I reached a turning point where my search for the “new way” of living was over. The temporary became the permanent. The unknown had become knowable. For the first time, I felt comfortable without having strict goals and plans. I was really living for each moment and being present to opportunities. My security was coming deep from within me and was not dependent on external events, circumstances or relationships. I realised there really was no ‘going back’ to the conventional life I knew before. I had always read books that declared material wealth was not the source of true happiness. After several years of modest living, with one bag of clothes and a laptop, I was satisfied that I knew the truth of that statement deeply within myself. I really felt like I had discovered how to lead an exceptional life for myself and I started looking at ways in which I could share these experiences, and the knowledge and insight that came from them, with people who are on a similar journey and who want to know for themselves.

To me, curiosity is a grossly under-rated quality. I meet very few people who are genuinely curious about things and it is always such a wonderful, engaging experience when I find someone who is. Exploring does not need to apply just to physical places. It is just as desirable and rewarding to be curious about language, agriculture, history, music, the arts, the mystical, physical well-being, the financial world, the nature of power, tyranny, community, humanity and spirituality. These are just a few of the many things that fascinate me and occupy an increasing amount of my time.

I am now concentrating my efforts on providing effective coaching support to people who would like to discover and lead an exceptional life for themselves.  I am working with people inside and outside the business world, including a number of executives and senior managers from multi-national companies who are stationed in Asia. I currently look after about 30-40 clients and feel very able to help them make progress with their own ‘inner’ exploration. Talking to some of them reminds me of myself a few years ago! If you would like to know more about this and see if it would be of interest to you, please take a look at my new web site at

THEDAILYEXPOLRER_BrandIDAbove: The new Daily Explorer web site, launched in 2014, can be found at


If you would like to talk to me directly, please email me ( I would be delighted to see if there is anything I can do to help you with your life plans, career, travel plans or how you could sustain a nomadic lifestyle yourself – whatever an exceptional life would look and feel like for you!

Many Thanks

Ray Martin


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